DIY Pedicure In The Park

Treat youself! Pink PapayaNow that warm weather has truly hit us in full, I’m making every excuse I can to be outside. I don’t have much of a backyard, so going to the park is a great way to relax when I want that wonderful feeling of grass between my toes.

As part of our Pink Papaya Week, I received a Toetini kit from Jill Antczak, my local Pink Papaya rep. While I could have taken this as an opportunity to enjoy an at-home pedicure, I thought it would be much more fun to go outside – all I needed were a few additional pieces to have a perfect DIY pedicure in the park kit!

What I came up with is fairly simple to recreate and packs up nicely. The water does make the bucket fairly heavy, but that’s a small price to pay for pampering yourself in the sun.

jarsI added links so you can recreate it yourself, or put together a fun gift for a wedding shower, baby shower, or birthday. Your main needs will be:

  • Bucket for your feet to soak in water (I brought water in mason jars, but you could just fill up your bucket elsewhere)
  • Pink Papaya Toetini kit
  • Towels – large towel (to keep your feet clean), medium towel (to dry off), washcloth (for rinsing)
  • Something fun to drink (you need to stay hydrated in the sun)
  • Folding chair (it’s awkward to sit on the ground and keep your feet soaking in the tub)
  • Your favorite magazines for fun and relaxation (I really like Shoeholics, Lucky, and Inc.)

Pamper yourself in the park

The first thing is to set up your area. Make sure your big towel is laid out so your feet have a clean place to be, and that your reading materials, products, and drink are within easy reach. Fill up your bucket and then soak your feet for 10 – 15 minutes. Here’s your chance to relax and enjoy those magazines…

seedsPat your feet dry with your medium sized towel and then you get to start the actual pedicure. Start with the blackberry fig scrub and spread generously over your feet and lower legs. Rinse and use the pedicure brush to remove calluses. Apply the sweet almond oil lotion and finish off with a spritz of the foot spray.

I hope you enjoyed our DIY pedicure in the park. If you haven’t already entered this week’s Pink Papaya giveaway, you can do so below. If you’ve already entered, you can use Twitter to get an additional entry each day through June 22nd. After subscribing via email, check your inbox (and perhaps junk mail) for a confirmation email from MailChimp. Be sure to confirm, because UNCONFIRMED SUBSCRIPTIONS WON’T BE ENTERED INTO THE CONTEST.

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