What We Are

Consider the shoe. In the world of clothing, it’s shoes that serve on the front lines, braving pavements and puddles alike, protecting our feet from all that man and nature might throw at them. In a logical world all shoes would be strictly utilitarian, made of rugged materials with stain-proof uppers and flat, grippy soles.

But what fun is logic?

At Barely Practical, we celebrate shoes. Beautiful, glorious shoes. Shoes made of silk and leather and feathers and lace. Shoes with heels that defy gravity, and silhouettes sculpted into shapes that surprise and excite. Whether it’s from Milwaukee or Paris, Target or Saks, an exquisitely crafted shoe is a work of art that transcends all sense of practicality and becomes something magical.

Who We Are

Corleen Heidgerken

It was Corleen’s lifelong devotion to fashion that first led her to conceive of Barely Practical. Initially intended to explore the merged worlds of fashion and technology, it was during the Lucky FABB Conference when a talk by Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo, inspired Corleen to rededicate the blog to her true love, shoes. Today it’s this passion that drives all aspects of Barely Practical, as does her business sense and enthusiasm to all fashion-related matters.

Gerard Heidgerken
Creative Director/Photographer

Prior to Barely Practical, Gerard spent nearly a full decade building Bilgemunky.com, an online enterprise featuring hundreds of articles and podcasts dedicated to pop-cultural pirates (yarrr!) Looking to turn his writing and photography towards a new challenge, Corleen invited him to retire from pirates and instead focus on something far more dangerous – women’s footwear.

Comments or questions? Are you a designer who wants to send us shoes to review? We’d love to hear from you!